Flooring Choices For Trade Show Exhibits That Can Help Save Your Feet

Many businesses that choose custom tradeshow booths for their marketing events spend a lot of time designing each of the elements that make up the portable displays. From banner stands to lighting, there are a lot of elements to consider. However, one of the most important, but least talked about elements of trade show exhibits is the flooring. Learn about the different types of Flooring contractors near me
for portable displays and the difference each one can make for your employees who are standing at yImage result for Flooring companies Chicagoour trade show exhibits day after day.


Custom Tradeshow Booths Call For Custom Carpets

A carpet in a coordinating color can pull the look of custom tradeshow booths together, but companies that choose a carpet for their flooring aren’t limited to simply using a one color, plain carpet. Instead, consider getting your company’s logo printed on the floor. This can help a customer remember your company and help improve your branding. However, that’s not all. The carpets can also help provide a cushion and lessen the impact of standing all day for your employees.

Consider Vinyl For A Quick Installation

If you’re short on time, consider using a vinyl floor. This option typically comes in sheets and the set up is extremely easy — all you need to do is unroll it. Since vinyl is a harder surface than carpet, a cushy pad is typically integrated into the vinyl to help alleviate some of the pain that comes from standing all day long. One benefit of using vinyl is that it’s available in a number of different finishes so it can look like everything from hardwood to natural stone. Another benefit is that vinyl can be used for trade show exhibits whether the display is indoors or outdoors.

An Interlocking Floor Can Fit Any Space

If your custom tradeshow booths are designed to fit a number of different event spaces, an interlocking floor is an excellent choice. The biggest benefit of an interlocking floor is that the pieces fit together like a puzzle, which means that you can fit it to any exhibit space, whether it’s a standard 10 by 10 or 10 by 20. Because the pieces come apart, interlocking flooring can be easy to ship and pack since it comes apart and packs up small. It’s also possible to replace just one piece if it gets worn out, instead of paying to replace the entire floor. Installation can take a little longer than rolled flooring, since the pieces will need to be put together, but it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes if you have a couple people piecing the flooring together.

There’s no reason to stand on the hard exhibition floor, especially when there are so many different options that can make the employees working at your company’s portable displays more comfortable. No matter which type of floor you choose, look for one that offers integrated padding to help protect your employees’ feet, legs, backs and more